The Top-Grossing Shows Currently on Broadway

Bette Davis once said, “The only reason anyone goes to Broadway is because they can’t get work in the movies,” but make no doubt about it, Broadway is big business, and many of the highest-grossing Great White Way shows top myriad movies coming out

The Mulifaceted Life of Sam Shepard

Given his diverse career background, Sam Shepard clearly shuns predictability. Born on an Army base in Illinois, Shepard originally planned to become a vet, and was studying at Mount San Antonio Junior College when a touring theater company, the Bishop’s Company Repertory Players, came

How to Find Cheap Broadway Tickets

A quick scan of Craigslist classifieds in New York City reveals plenty of Broadway show tickets for sale, including tickets to top hits including the sexy Roaring ‘20s caper “Chicago,” the irreverent “Book of Mormon” from the creators of “South Park” and Larry David’s