Patti Lupone’s Top Diva Moments

Diva is one of those terms that is overused and commonly misused to characterize women in a negative light. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of this four-letter word and don’t yank it out of my vocabulary lightly. However when you explore the

Top 13 Broadway Musicals Adapted From Films

When we think about Broadway musical adaptations, often we think in terms of musicals that were turned into films; but what if we flipped the script to talk about movies that were turned into Broadway musicals? It is a pretty lengthy and distinguished list,

Looking into Broadway Up Close Walking Tours

It doesn’t matter if you are touring the Coliseum in Rome or marveling at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Walking tours are an invaluable way to see a city. Knowledgeable tour guides show you the insiders look at pivotal moments in history and tell

Broadway’s 20 Must Follow Twitter Profiles

Broadway just seemed destined to light up social media. As a performance art, it just lends itself to the medium so well. Twitter has no shortage of Broadway-related profiles. The only problem is, how do you sift through the ever growing number of personalities

How to Invest in Broadway Musicals

When you share the town with the investment capital of the world, all that financial acumen can’t help but eye the investment opportunity inherent in Broadway. Wicked has grossed billions in ticket sales between New York, International shows and touring companies over the past