The Most Coveted Roles on Broadway

There’s nothing that incites an actor’s creative spirit more than roles that allow them to shape-shift like a chameleon, stretching their own personas through pure transformation. On Broadway right now, there are myriad roles that allow actors to undergo just such a metamorphosis, and

How Broadway Uses Social Media to Connect

Broadway has found social media, and the two have developed a fast friendship. As one of the biggest economic forces in New York City, it comes as little surprise that Broadway would eventually begin to use one of the biggest and widest reaching technologies

The 7 Best Documentaries About Broadway

When the lights go up on Times Square and Broadway comes back to life for another night, it’s nothing short of magic. Here, under the soft glow of stage lights, audiences are transported to a different place, allowing them to explore the unknown or

Was Frozen Inspired by Broadway’s Wicked?

Ever since the release of Disney’s Frozen, there have been numerous comparisons between the film and Broadway’s Wicked; so much so that there is an underlying belief among many that Frozen was actually inspired by Wicked, though it is loosely based on Hans Christian

Patti Lupone’s Top Diva Moments

Diva is one of those terms that is overused and commonly misused to characterize women in a negative light. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of this four-letter word and don’t yank it out of my vocabulary lightly. However when you explore the